Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate 314
Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate 314

Building Economically

A unique home in progress at the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate

A brand new style of building in Hoedspruit using galvanised steel frame instead of bricks.  This exciting venture is the first home in Hoedspruit to be built with this method.  It is more economical and time efficient.  The house sits on a raft foundation and steel structures ordered to size are erected to form the frame of the house.  This particular house is a double storey and the slab separating the ground floor and first level is constructed of steel Voidcon with a cast concrete slab.  The plumbing and electrical piping is conveniently thread through holes in the steel frames eliminating extensive labour of cutting and grinding brickwork for installation.  The walls are closed off with heavy insulation and boarding that will be plastered to give the house a normal painted finish.  The insulation keeps the house cool in summer and warm in winter making this eco-friendly.

  • Category : Residential
  • Date : 21st Jan 2019